Music Group

MusicThe St Cuthbert’s Music Group is a collection of instrumentalists and singers, who aim to provide an alternative musical accompaniment to Sunday Mass and other church services. We usually play every second Sunday and on certain other important days such as Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and Confirmation/First Communion celebrations.

We are not in church to “perform”, with the congregation as an audience. Rather, we see that all in the church are participants in the music of the liturgy; we merely take responsibility for selecting and leading the musical components of our worship.

We very much enjoy playing and singing together, and are always delighted to welcome new singers and players of any instrument, and any ability into the Group. Please don’t be put off by thinking that if you join you’ll be committing yourself to having to be there every time we play as well as lots of practices. The only commitment we ask members to make is to come along when they can. We don’t draw up rotas or schedules, other than for those who volunteer to select hymns and music and have only occasional practices.

It’s that easy. So, if you would like to join us or would like more information about the Group, please contact any one of us any Sunday that we are playing.