14th Sunday of the Year (a)

This Week’s Liturgy Calendar.

Ordinary Season of the Year. (a)

Weekdays – Year 1


Sunday 9th July:             Fourteenth Sunday of the Year. (a)

In the first reading, from the Prophet Zecheriah, the messianic king, so long awaited, is depicted not as a proud warrior but as a humble and gentle champion of peace for all peoples.

St. Paul contrasts two ways of life – one in the spirit, one in the flesh.

In the Gospel, Jesus reveals the Father to those who are little and offers to lighten the burden of those who admit their need.


Monday 10th July:        Monday of the fourteenth week of the year.

The story of the Chosen People continues with Jacob, the son of Isaac and the grandson of Abraham. Again, he is promised in a vision that his descendants will be very numerous.

Jesus allows himself to be touched by life when he sees and shares the distress of people who come to him. He shows compassion towards them and heals and comforts them/


Tuesday 11th July:          Feast of St. Benedict.

          St. Benedict was born at Norcia in Italy about 480.He was sent to Rome to study but was appalled by the low moral standards he found. He moved to Subiaco in the mountains. After about three years, some friends gathered there with him and he set up a number of monasteries, the last of which is Monte Cassino which has survived to the present day and is the mother house of the Benedictine Order. He died in 548 and was declared one of the Patrons of Europe in 1965 by Pope Paul VI.


Wednesday 12th July: Wednesday of the fourteenth week of the year.

          The lectionary tells us nothing of Joseph’s youth, about his being sold to the traders, about his captivity in Egypt and his rise to power. Instead, we reach the point where the brothers arrive in Egypt looking for provisions because of the famine back home. Joseph orders the youngest brother to be arrested for theft and the other brothers believe this to be a punishment for the way they had treated Joseph.

The apostles are named and sent to ‘the lost sheep of the house of Israel.’ Later they would travel beyond that into Samaria and then to the rest of the world.


Thursday 13th July:        Thursday of the fourteenth week of the year.

          Again, we skip several episodes in the story of Joseph and reach the point where Judah makes a passionate plea for Benjamin’s release. Joseph, as a result, reveals his true identity to his brothers. He declares that all that has happened was part of God’s plan for the family thus placing the whole episode into a religious context.

Jesus gives further instructions to his apostles. Above all, they must bring peace to the homes and towns they visit.


Friday 14th July:             Friday of the fourteenth week of the year.

          Joseph invites all his family to come to Egypt, including his father Israel (Jacob). There is an emotional reunion and the long Joseph story has a happy ending.

More instructions are given to the apostles. They must not be afraid of what to say because the Spirit will be there to lead them and inspire them. There is also a hint that they will face persecution for the kingdom.


Saturday 15th July:        Memorial of St. Bonaventure

He was born in Viterbo in Italy in 1221. He became a Franciscan at an early age, studied theology in Paris and taught there for many years. He was a close associate of St. Thomas Aquinas and wrote many books on mystical theology. He became Bishop of Albano. He was appointed a Cardinal by Pope Gregory and was a prominent participant at the Council of Lyons which, for a short time, healed the schism between the Greek and Roman Churches. He died in 1274.





Our Lady of Lourdes

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St. Bernadette

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