19th Sunday of the Year (a)

This Week’s Liturgy Calendar.

Ordinary Cycle of the Year (a)

Weekdays – Year 2 

Sunday 10th August:   Nineteenth Sunday of the Year. (a)

In the first reading, we hear how Elijah, fleeing for his life, hides in a cave where he meets with God.

St. Paul in the second reading, tells us about his own personal sorrow and anguish because his fellow Jews refuse to accept Jesus as the Messiah.

Caught in a storm with high winds and rough seas, the apostles are afraid. Jesus comes to them, calming their fear, bringing his peace.


Monday 11th August:           Memorial of St. Clare.

Clare was born into an aristocratic family in 1193 and was a life long friend of St. Francis of Assisi. They possessed the same love of Christ and commitment to poverty. After receiving the habit from St. Francis, St. Clare founded the first convent of Franciscan (Poor Clare) nuns at San Damiano. Her mother and sister were among those who formed this first community. She ruled her community for forty years until her death in 1253.


Tuesday 12th August:    Tuesday of the 19th week of the year.

The weekday readings for the moment come from the Prophet Ezekiel. He lived at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem and was amongst those who were sent into exile in Babylon. Today’s extract is the second part of his calling by God to be his prophet. He is to go the people of Israel and tell them what the Lord has said.

The Gospel passage presents Jesus reminding us that we should have the same openness as a little child in our relationship with God. He highlights how God will go after the sheep that is lost.


Wednesday 13th August:   Wednesday of the 19th week of the year.

In today’s passage, he proclaims to the people that the holiness of God can stand no evil. Only those marked with the sign of God, those who personally respond to his offer of salvation will be spared. Yet God is also forgiving to those who turn to him.

Jesus teaches that difficulties between people should be resolved before they get to court. This requires courage and tact.


Thursday 14th August:          Memorial of St. Maximilian Kolbe.

          Maximilian Kolbe was born near Lodz in Poland in 1894. He had a great devotion to Our Lady and, after he was ordained, he founded a number of Marian communities and issued Marian magazines. During the war, he was imprisoned in the concentration camp at Auschwitz and there offered to take the place of a married man who was condemned to die. He was starved to death in 1941. He was canonised by Pope John Paul ll in 1982.


Friday 15th August:      Solemnity of the Assumption.

          After her life on earth was over, Our Lady died but immediately her body was assumed into heaven so that it did not undergo corruption. This feast has been described as Our Lady’s Easter since we celebrate not only her passing from this life but also her resurrection and ascension into the glory of heaven. Pope Pius XII officially promulgated this dogma of the Church on 1st November 1950.


Saturday 16th August:  Saturday of the 19th week of the year.

Ezekiel reminds the people that each person is individually responsible for the good or evil that we do. Again, he calls them to repentance so that they might live their lives to the full, as God would want them to.

Jesus holds up a child as a model of openness to God and the good news of Jesus. We are called to imitate children in this way.




Lord our God,

May your Son, Jesus, sustain us on our journey.

Keep us from discouragement,

Give us courage to make him visible

In our words and in our deeds.

Let him lead us to the mountain

Where you live as our God

For ever and ever.