2nd Sunday of Lent (c)

The Season of Lent


Sunday 21st February:             2nd Sunday of Lent (c).

The first reading comes from the Book of genesis. We learn of the solemn covenant God made with Abraham which was the foundation of God’s relationship with the people of Israel. Through Christ, we are the heirs to this covenant.

St. Paul, in the second reading, urges his new converts to remain faithful to Christ. He promises that one day we will all share in his glory.

The Gospel presents St. Luke’s account of the Transfiguration. Jesus is transfigured in the presence of Peter, James and John – the three will were to be with him in Gethsemane.


Monday 22nd February:      Feast of the Chair of St. Peter the Apostle.

This is a very old feast, dating back to the 4th century. It has been kept on this date a sign of the unity of the Church founded on the apostle Peter and his successors. Every form of leadership, role or relationship involves the exercise of power. This is a theme repeated through the readings this second week of Lent e.g. do we extend forgiveness or withhold it ?


Tuesday 23rd February:           Tuesday in the 2ndweek of Lent.

When we know our faith and practice our religious duties and observances, when we go to Mass and the sacraments and practice penance during Lent – are we good Christians? Only if our heart is in what we do can we say yes. If we act as we believe and do what we say – we can say yes. If our faith affects our everyday living and our relations with our neighbour – then we can say yes. If we are playing our part in the building up of the Kingdom of God – then we can say yes. Otherwise, our faith and our lives are hypocritical.


Wednesday 24th February:     Wednesday in the 2nd week of Lent.

          A prophet is always an annoying person. His mission is to call attention to the signs of the times – to denounce what needs to be denounced; to prod into action when apathy is the norm. His task is unpleasant and unpopular. He may even be killed. That was the lot of the prophets before Jesus and of Jesus himself. Through his death, however he wins glory and brings life to us all. Those who follow him have to share in this life. They must learn to serve and that may have to suffer and even die.


Thursday 25th February:       Thursday in the 2nd week of Lent.

          Those who place their faith in themselves and in the means they possess are not open to God or to his Kingdom. They adore the Golden Calf and their own gods. They fail to see the needs of those around them. That is why God condemns them. We must learn to see the unspoken needs of those who dare not voice their poverty or their distress.


Friday 26th February:              Friday in the 2nd week of Lent.

          Joseph suffered because his brothers were jealous. Yet later he would save them from famine. Jesus was rejected and dies for our sins. In doing this, he becomes the keystone for a new kingdom, for the life of all. And what about us? We want the good things without paying the price. It can be too uncomfortable, too painful to put things into practice unless we are forced to by circumstances.


Saturday 27th February:         Saturday in the 2nd week of Lent

          When we forgive those who have hurt us, often some scars still remain and take a long time to heal. We find it difficult to treat the person who has wronged us as if he has done no wrong. God does. He remains faithful to the love he has promised us. He is always ready to excuse to forgive, to welcome the returning sinner.




O Christ Jesus,when all is darkness

And we feel our weakness and helplessness

Give us Your presence,

Your love and Your strength.

Help us to have perfect trust

In Your protecting love

And strengthening power

So that nothing may frighten or worry us

For, living close to You, we shall see Your hand,

Your purpose, Your will through all things.


(St. Ignatius)