Season of Easter (b)

Sunday 22nd April:                 3rd Sunday of Easter.  (B)

Our faith in the Risen Lord should be something real, a faith in a risen Christ but not in a ghost, not in a figment of imagination.  He is the one who walks with us on our journey of faith and life, who strengthens us and sustains us with his love and strength when we are struggling.

The first reading is from the Acts of the Apostles and in it Peter bears strong witness that Jesus is risen from the dead.  He begs those who are listening to turn to Jesus and let him make then new.

The second reading is from the first Letter of St. John. He reminds us that, when we follow the commandments of the love of Christ, we are true to the risen Christ and grow in God’s love.

The Gospel passage comes from St. Luke. Jesus appears to his doubting disciples to strengthen them in their faith and in their belief that he was truly risen.  Then he sends them out to bear witness to his love, his forgiveness and his new life.  We are sent by Jesus to do the same in our time and place.

Monday 23rd April:                Monday in the third week of Easter.       

Today, two unrelated scripture texts run parallel- the martyrdom of St. Stephen, presented as an imitation of the martyrdom of Jesus and the great Eucharistic dialogue fromSt. John’sGospel following on the multiplication of the loaves.

Jesus challenges us with the most basic of all questions, “Why are you looking for me?” Is it merely for what we can get or are we looking for Jesus himself, for what he means in our lives?

Tuesday 24th April:                         Tuesday in third week of Easter.   

            St. Stephen and the persecuted Christians of the early Church relive the passion of Jesus.  They suffer not only for Christ but also with him and like him.  They are also sure that death does not have final say.  They will live on with the risen Christ.

We are sustained in that journey by the true bread from heaven, Jesus.  We too should hunger for him and say ‘Give us this bread always.’

Wednesday 25th April:           Feast of St. Mark.

          A disciple of Peter, Mark writes in simple words how, with Jesus, came the time of salvation and repentance.  He shows Jesus both as the Son of God and the Son of Man, whose life led to his death.  However, he revealed himself fully in the Resurrection.  The disciple must follow his master.  He is the patron saint of Venice.

Thursday 26th April:             Thursday in the third week of Easter.

          St. Luke, in the Acts reading, presents the conversion of the treasurer of the Queen of Ethiopia very much in parallel to the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus.  He had the scriptures explained to him and as a result asks to be baptised.

In the Gospel, Christ speaks again of himself as the bread of life to be accepted in faith and promises to give himself in the Eucharist as for the life of the world and for eternal life.                                   

Friday 27th April:                             Friday in the third week of Easter.

          We hear of the conversion of Paul.  Jesus identifies himself with his persecuted disciples and from this meeting Paul will serve the Lord totally.

Each time we come forward to receive Holy Communion, we encounter Christ.  May it deepen our faith and enrich our commitment to following him in our daily lives.

Saturday 28th April:               Saturday in the third week of Easter.

          Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Peter continues the mission of Jesus.  He speaks, he heals, he raises people to life.

By now, some are turning away from Jesus because they had expected a different kind of Messiah.  Some who remain are still not fully convinced so Jesus confronts them.  Peter makes the great act of faith.  ‘To whom shall we go?  You have message of eternal life.’

Alleluia, alleluia

He is risen as he said