12th Sunday of the Year (b)

This Week’s Liturgy Calendar.

Ordinary Season of the Year. (b)

Weekdays – Year 1

Sunday 21st June:         Twelfth Sunday of the Year. (B)

Many people are afraid today. Our times seem very insecure in so many ways – wards, violence, economic and moral crises. Where is our faith in all this ?

In the first reading, from the Book of Job, we are reminded of the power of God. He alone shows his mastery over the sea.

St. Paul reminds us in the second reading of how Christ showed his love for us by dying for us. We are to imitate that love in our lives.

By calming the storm Jesus shows his divine power and his care for his disciples. He strengthens their faith which was faltering.

Monday 22nd June:      Monday of the 12th week of the year.      

This week we begin the history of God’s dealings with the Chosen People. They were descended from Abraham. Today we hear of the call of Abram, as he was originally known. Even though advanced in years, he is called to be the father of a great nation.

Jesus tells us that it is very important not to judge one another – very often, we are the ones who need to be judged and corrected.

Tuesday 23rd June:       Tuesday of the 12th week of the year.

          Abram is again promised many descendants who will take up their abode in the land of the Canaanites. We learn that he was a peaceful man, trying to avoid falling out with Lot, his travelling companion.

Jesus reminds us that we should treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. He reminds us that this will not always be easy.

Wednesday 24thJune:             Solemnity of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.       

There are only three birthdays celebrated in the course of the Church’s liturgical year that of Jesus himself, Our Lady and the one we celebrate today – John the Baptist. It highlights how important John the Baptist is seen to be in the life and tradition of the Church. This feast dates from the fourth century and at one time was preceded by a day of fasting. The Preface of the Mass sums up the life and mission of John the Baptist. He was the one, chosen by God, to prepare the way of the Lord.

Thursday 25th June:     Thursday of 12th week of the year.

Abram wondered how he was going to have any children. He believed his wife was too old so he had a child by his servant girl, Hagar. She too would have many descendants.

The person who listens to the words of Jesus, takes them seriously and acts on them is like one who builds his house on a rock. That is the house which perseveres in the storm.

Friday 26th June:          Friday of the 12th week of the year.

          As a sign of the covenant he is establishing with his people Abram’s name is changed to Abraham and his wife’s name to Sarah. She would, in due course, give birth to a son who would be circumcised as a further sign of the Covenent.

In the Gospel, we hear how Jesus cures the leper who has faith in him. He also tells him to obey the laws of his religion and so he has to go and show himself to the priests to have his cure confirmed.

Saturday 27th June:      Saturday of the 12th week of the year.

Both Abraham, whose name has now been changed, as a sign of the Covenant and Sarah laughed when a stranger, later found to be an angel, said she would have a child within a year. With God, nothing is impossible.

We are given a great example of faith. Jesus cures the centurion’s servant and goes on to demonstrate his healing ministry.


God of power and might,

When we cry out to you in the tempests of life

Reassure us that you care and are with us,

Even when you seem to be absent.

Stay with us through your Son Jesus, he who is Lord

Forever and ever.