15th Sunday of the Year (c)

This Week’s Liturgy Calendar.


Ordinary Season of the Year. (c)


Weekdays – Year 2


Sunday 10th July:           Fifteenth Sunday of the Year. (c)

          The first reading is an encouragement to follow the Law of God. It is not something beyond our understanding or knowledge. It should be in our hearts and in our words.

The second reading is a hymn of praise written by St. Paul to the people of Colossae. He stresses and praises the divinity of Jesus and his role as the one who reconciles and heals.

The Gospel passage Jesus tells the story of the Good Samaritan. It brings us right to the heart of what the Christian life should involve – both love of God and love of neighbour.   You cannot have one without the other.


Monday 11th July:        Memorial of St. Benedict.

          St. Benedict was born at Norcia in Italy about 480.He was sent to Rome to study but was appalled by the low moral standards he found. He moved to Subiaco in the mountains. After about three years, some friends gathered there with him and he set up a number of monasteries, the last of which is Monte Cassino which has survived to the present day and is the mother house of the Benedictine Order. He died in 548 and was declared one of the Patrons of Europe in 1965 by Pope Paul VI. 

Tuesday 12th July:          Tuesday of the fifteenth week of the year.

          Ahaz, King of Judah, was coming under increasing pressure to form an alliance against the Syrian armies and empire. Isaiah comforts him and stresses that if he remains true to God, the Kingdom of David has nothing to fear and will last.

In spite of his miracles, the people still do not accept Jesus as Messiah. They will not listen. Jesus shows his sadness at this in what he says – their towns would suffer more than Tyre, Sidon and Sodom.

Wednesday 13th July:   Wednesday of the fifteenth week of the year.

          The Assyrian empire goes too far and destroyed Israel. The king believed this was done through human strength and gave God no place in the kingdom. Because of this Isaiah warns the people that, because of their lack of fidelity, they too will be destroyed.

Jesus prays in thanksgiving to his Father, as the Almighty Creator and Lord of the Universe. The ordinary people respond to this more than their leaders. Jesus gives thanks for them and their willingness to accept him as Son of God.

Thursday 14th July:        Thursday of the fifteenth week of the year.

          Isaiah presents us with a beautiful reading about trust in the goodness of God. A remnant will arise from all the destruction – they will be the new people of God.

Jesus offers hope and courage to the ordinary people who are open to his message. Their leaders had made their religion a heavy burden, reducing it to a list of rules and regulations instead of it being a living faith with openness to others.

Friday 15th July:   Memorial of St. Bonaventure.

          He was born in Viterbo in Italy in 1221. He became a Franciscan at an early age, studied theology in Paris and taught there for many years. He was a close associate of St. Thomas Aquinas and wrote many books on mystical theology. He became Bishop of Albano. He was appointed a Cardinal by Pope Gregory and was a prominent participant at the Council of Lyons which, for a short time, healed the schism between the Greek and Roman Churches. He died in 1274.


Saturday 16th July:        Saturday of the fifteenth week of the year.

This is the last extract from Isaiah. He presents us with the account of the last king before the exile. He is healed through the prayer of Isaiah. This is a sign to inspire the people and give them a sense of wonder and awe at God’s intervention in their lives. This is the God in whom they must trust.

The Pharisees begin to plot against Jesus. Jesus seems to give in to them. He withdraws. It is in fact the opposite. He does not enter into endless debate. He lives his mission of raising up those who are bowed down, encouraging and supporting the weak and oppressed.



Our Lady of Lourdes

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St. Bernadette

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