24th Sunday of the Year (b)

This Week’s Liturgy Calendar.

Ordinary Season of the Year. (b)

Weekdays – Year 1


Sunday 13th September:        24th Sunday of the Year. (B)

The first reading today is from the third song of the suffering servant in Isaiah. The prophet expresses his trust in God. He and God’s people suffer but he is sure God is with him and will bring justice.

In the second reading, from the Letter of St. James, he stresses that he knows a person is saved by faith. However he reminds us that faith must be visible in the good works of those who bear the name Christian.

In the Gospel, Peter recognises Jesus as the promised saviour He has difficulty in accepting that win life for us, Jesus must suffer and die. Likewise, his followers will face suffering and challenges in their lives as they try to follow the example of Jesus.


Monday 14th September: Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.     

This feast has its origin in Jerusalem, where from the fifth century the wood of the true cross used to be shown to the people the day after the feast of the dedication of the Basilica of the Resurrection. It was celebrated in Rome by the seventh century and stresses the victory and triumph of the cross of Christ.


Tuesday 15th September:       Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Within the octave of the feast of the birth of Our Lady, we commemorate her sorrows, above all the sorrow of witnessing her son’s death and resurrection on the cross. This feast was first celebrated in the seventeenth century by the members of the Servite Order.


Wednesday 16th September: Feast of St. Ninian.

St. Ninian is one of bedrocks of Christianity in Scotland. He was born around 360 in Cumbria and was ordained Bishop in Rome in 394. He came to Scotland and made Whithorn in Galloway his base as he preached the gospel in southeast Scotland. His mission became known as Candida casa or ‘White House’ because of the appearance of its stone construction. From there his mssion extended through much of Scotland. He died in 432.


Thursday 17th September:     Thursday of 24th week of the year.

In the firt reading, Paul continues to give advice to Timothy about how he should carry out the work entrusted to him. He stresses the spiritual work on which he has embarked so that he can continue to offer salvation to those who listen to him.

In the Gospel, Jesus continues to condemn those who are quick to judge and don’t look at themselves and their life style. Jesus condemns the double standards of those in authority.


Friday 18th September:           Friday of the 24th week of the year.

Paul continues to emphasise that Toimothy must preach and teach according to what he has received from Jesus through Paul. He is to be on guard against temptation and those who seek to make money out of him.

Jesus continues to travel preaching and teaching the Good News to anyone who will listen. A group of disciples accompanies him and the evangelist mentions in particular that there were women in the group, one of whom was Mary of Magdala.


Saturday 22nd September:    Saturday of the 24th week of the year.

            We finish St. Paul’s letter to Timothy with a prayer of praise to Christ. Paul also stresses to Timothy the need for him to fulfil his ministry to the full.

The parable of the sower and the seed challenges us to think over and over again our own reactions to the word we have received. What kind of soil are we?



Send us out into our world

To help bear one another’s crosses

And to share one another’s joys

So that we may not simply admire your Son

For having born his cross, suffered and died for us,

But follow him on the road that leads to life and glory

We ask this

Through Christ our Lord.