24th Sunday of the Year (c)

This Week’s Liturgy Calendar.

Ordinary Season of the Year.  (c)

Weekdays – Year 1


Sunday 15th September:        24th Sunday of the Year.  (c)

The first reading today is from the Book of Exodus.  We hear how, despite all the good things he has done for them, the people are disgruntled with God.  They have in effect turned away from God.  Moses makes no excuses for their behaviour  but begs for their forgiveness.  The Lord relents and does not punish the people but forgives.

The second reading is from the First Letter of St. Paul tio Timothy St. Paul rejoices because he was a sinner but God has shown him mercy and called him into his service as an apostle.

The Gospel passage from St. Luke contains three parables highlighting the love and mercy of God towards his people. He is a God who wants to be close to us.


Monday 16th September:       Feast of St. Ninian.

He was born around 360 in Cumbria and was ordained Bishop in Rome in 394.  He came to Scotland and made Whithorn in Galloway his base as he preached the gospel in southeast Scotland.  He died in 432.

Tuesday 17th September:       Tuesday of 24th week of the year.

St. Paul writes to Timothy outlining the qualities of those he should choose to assist in the management of the Church.  He describes the kind of people who should not be chosen and gives the positive qualities he should look for in those who are.

The raising of the widow’s son at Nain points to the compassion of Jesus.  It is also a sign that God has visited his people.

Wednesday 18th September:  Wednesday of 24th week of the year.

Today St. Paul continues on the theme of how the early Christian community should be organised. He reminds Timothy of the central truth of our faith – the person of Jesus Christ, his life and his message.

Despite having worked two miracles in their presence, many of his listeners still do not believe.  Jesus criticises them for their lack of faith and understanding.  No matter what good a person does, people still find fault, still find reasons to criticise.

Thursday 19th September:        Thursday of 24th week of the year.

Paul narrows his comments down to Timothy himself and how he should be living his life. He should use the gift of the Spirit in his preaching and teaching so that he can save himself and those to whom he preaches.

In the Hospel, Jesus continues to attack those who are quick to judge others especially in making moral judgements.  He reminds us that God’s mercy ais for all and we need to learn to trust in that mercy and put it in to practice in our own lives.


Friday 20th September:          Memorial of St. Andrew Kim Tae-Gon and his companions.

The Gospel was brought to Korea as early as the beginning of the seventeenth century by a group of committed lay people.  At first, they were without priests but eventually French missionaries arrived. 103 members of this Christian community were among the martyrs as well as three bishops and seven priests.  The persecution took place between 1839 and 1867.  Andrew Kim was the first priest to be martyred and Paul Chong the first lay apostle. Pope John Paul II canonised the group when he went to Korea in 1984. 

Saturday 21st September:      Feast of St. Matthew.

           Matthew was a tax collector, one of the most despised jobs in Israel.  The Gospel today tells us of his call to follow Christ.  He acknowledged is sinfulness and repented.  He is the author of the first of the Gospels that was written in Aramaic.  Later accounts state that Matthew evangelised Persia and probably Ethiopia.  He was martyred there and his remains were eventually transferred to Salerno in the tenth century.


Lord our God

You have called Leo your servant

as bishop and pastor of your Church

in St Andrews and Edinburgh.

May he keep watch over the whole flock

to which the Holy Spirit has appointed him as shepherd,

preaching the word of God with unfailing patience and sound teaching

so that with faith and love he protects the bride of God, his holy Church.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen




Send us out into our world

To help bear one another’s crosses

And to share one another’s joys

So that we may not simply admire your Son

For having born his cross, suffered and died for us,

But follow him on the road that leads to life and glory

We ask this

Through Christ our Lord.