26th Sunday of the Year (b)

This Week’s Liturgy Calendar.

Ordinary Season of the Year. (b)

Weekdays – Year 1 

Sunday 27th September:        26th Sunday of the Year. (b)

The first reading is from the Book of Numbers. Joshua resents the fact that the gift of prophecy has been given to many others besides Moses. Moses himself, however, welcomes it.

The second reading is from the Letter of St. James. He condemns the rich, those who think they have no need for God in their lives. He especially attacks those who have gained their worldly wealth by taking advantage of the poor.

In the Gospel, Jesus teaches his followers to recognise people who are helpful. It is a lesson in tolerance that should make us think about world and the lack of tolerance. Jesus shows us how to deal with obstacles to faith, the avoidance of scandal and the occasions of sin.

Monday 28th September:       Monday in 26th week of the year.  

          We continue with readings from the Prophet Zechariah. He gives what have become known as ‘oracles’ which are meant to encourage the small group of Israelites who had come back from exile. They are called the remnant. He promises them that day will when Jerusalem would be restored to its greatness and they will be God’s people.

Another profound issue is raised in the Gospel passage. The disciples are arguing about who will be the greatest; who will be in charge. Jesus’ answer stuns them all.

Tuesday 29th September:       Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael – Archangels.         

Today is a feast celebrating the care God has for each one of us. Traditionally, we believe that angels are his messengers to us. Michael means ‘who is like God’ and is regarded as the guardian angel of the People of God; Gabriel means ‘God’s power. Raphael means ‘God’s healing.’

Wednesday 30th September:  Memorial of St. Jerome.

          St. Jerome was born in 342 and died in 420. He devoted his life to translating and explaining the Scriptures. One of his best known sayings is that ‘to be ignorant of the Scriptures is to be ignorant of Christ.’ His greatest work was the translation of the Scriptures into Latin.

Thursday 1st October:            Memorial of St. Teresa of the Child Jesus.

Teresa was born in Alençon in France in 1873. She entered the convent in Lisieux when she was only fifteen years of age. From then until her death at the age of twenty-four she lived a very ordinary religious life. No miracles or great mystical experiences are recorded of her but in such a short space of time she attained a high degree of holiness, based on her faithfulness to her duties. She was always at the service of others. Her writings are full of great spiritual insights. She prayed especially for priests, the Church and the conversion of all people to Christ. Her way of living the Christian life is often referred to as ‘the little way.’ She is patron saint of the missions.

Friday 2nd October:                Memorial of the Guardian Angels.

          Like the Feast of the Archangels, which was celebrated last week, this feast of the Guardian Angels is a reminder of God’s care for us. He is always looking after us. Traditionally we believe that each one of us has a guardian angel watching over us. This feast dates back to the Middle Ages and was first celebrated in Portugal.

Saturday 3rd October:            Saturday in 26th week of the year

          We jump around again in chronological terms and hear a prayer from the Priphet Baruch. He seems to have been a contemporary of Jeremiah and lived at the beginning of the exile into Babylon. He reminds the people of Israel that they are in exile because they rurned away from the God of Israel and offered sacrifices to false gods. However, God would not neglect them forever. They have to seek forgiveness and repentance from him so that he will save them.

The disciples return from their first mission on their own and report on how they had been received and how their efforts had worked out.