29th Sunday of the Year (a)

Ordinary Season of the Year. (a)

Weekdays – Year 1


Sunday 22nd October:            Twenty-Ninth Sunday of the Year. (a)

Where there is oppression, hunger, injustice, the voice of the Lord may be heard proclaiming the Good news. On this Mission Sunday, we remember God’s reaching out to us in Jesus and dedicate ourselves to reaching out to the world with that same selflessness.

The first reading is from the Prophet Isaiah. It tells of the return of the people from exile, something that was made possible by King Cyrus. This is seen as a sign of God’s love for his people and of his lordship over all peoples.

St. Paul, writing to the Thessalonians, talks of his concern for the Christian community based there. He recalls how the Gospel came to them not only as words but also as power and the Holy Spirit.

In the Gospel, there is a story of an effort by the enemies of Jesus to trap him into saying something incriminating. He makes clear, however, the distinction between our duty to God on the one hand and to earthly rulers on the other. We should fulfil both.


Monday 23rd October:           Monday of the 29th week of the year.         All the weekday readings this week continue the passages from St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans. Paul continues today with stressing the example of the faith of Abraham He refused to deny or to doubt God’s promise. He drew strength from his faith and this is what justified him.

The Gospel reminds us to be ever prepared for meeting Christ since ‘ as we live so shall we die.’ If we store up treasures in heaven, we will be prepared in the correct way.


Tuesday 24th October:             Tuesday of the 29th week of the year.

          St. Paul begins the central part of his Letter. He reminds his readers that sin entered the word through one man and through sin came death. However life and grace come through Jesus Christ, in greater abundance. Grace will bring eternal life thanks to Jesus Christ.

The Gospel repeats the message of being ready for the call of the Lord.


Wednesday 25th October:   Wednesday of the 29th week of the year.

For St. Paul, sin is a force that not only destroys the human body, but also causes separation from God. By Christ’s death, the Christian has been freed from this hostile force and has a share in the new relationship with the Father.

Again, we reminded that we must be ready for the call of the Lord. – he will come when least expected so we must be ready at all times.


Thursday 26th October:           Thursday of the 29th week of the year.

          Paul continues to stress that through Baptism, we become slaves of Christ. Therefore, we should never say or do anything to betray that relationship in our day-to-day lives.

The Gospel passage reveals Jesus stressing the difficulties that will be encountered for the true follower of Christ. It will be difficult and may even divide families.


Friday 27th October:                Friday of 29th Week of the year.

Even though we are slaves to Christ, St. Paul reminds us that we will still be tempted to do the wrong thing and find it difficult to do the right thing. He asks who will help us escape from the power of sin.

Jesus warns his readers about judging others. Try to read the signs and interpret the times.


Saturday 28th October:          Feast of St. Simon and St. Jude.

          Very little is known about these two apostles. Simon was called the zealous apostle and, according to tradition, he preached in Egypt. Jude was also called Thaddeus and, again according to tradition, joined Simon when he came back from Egypt and both went to preach in Persia where they were martyred. His name is associated with one of the letters in the New Testament.



The light of God

Surrounds us;

The love of God

Enfolds us;

The power of God

Protects us;

The presence of God

Protects us;

The presence of God

Watches over us;

Wherever we are,

God is,

And all is well.