30th Sunday of the Year (c)

Ordinary Season of the Year. (c)

Weekdays – Year 2


Sunday 23rd October:             30th Sunday of the Year. (c)

The first reading is from the Book of Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) The author reminds us that working for justice is not enough; we also need to pray for it constantly. He reminds us that God is a just judge who shows no partiality to the rich or the powerful. He listens to the prayer of the humble and the lowly.

The second reading is from the second Letter of St. Paul to Timothy. It is full of emotion. He talks about the feelings of isolation that he has felt trough his life, when he had been persecuted, attacked. In spite of that he does not feel along because he believes God is with him in Christ and that he will bring him to the heavenly kingdom.

Again Jesus tells a story which upsets the Pharisees since it turns they way they perceive things upside down. The story is aimed at those who thought themselves above reproach and looked down on those who were poor. It is the self awareness and humility of the tax collector which sees him at peace with God.


Monday 24th October:                     Monday of 30th week of the year.

St. Paul sets very high standards for those who read his words. They are called to be imitators of God. The followers of Christ were to set new standards in a world which living by immoral standards.

          In the Gospel, we read of the healing power of Jesus, a healing that is both physical and spiritual. On the other hand, we read of the hypocrisy of the synagogue official. All the Gospel readings this week centre around one basic theme – sincerity and humility as the hallmark of the true child of Jesus.


Tuesday 25th October:             Tuesday of 30th week of the year.

St. Paul continues about the suffering we share with Christ. It is nothing compared to the glory that awaits us. Therefore, we should be filled with real hope.

The parable used today reminds us how the Kingdom of God begins in a very small way but grows to have a great influence.


Wednesday 26th October:        Wednesday of 30th week of the year.

The Christian faith did a lot for women but did even more for children. Paul highlights the links between father, mother, husband, wife, parents and children in this section of his letter.

We are reminded, in the Gospel, that many will try to come into the Kingdom but will find it very difficult. Just saying we know Jesus is not enough. We have to do his works.


Thursday 27th October:           Thursday of the 30th week of the year.

          We reach the end of the series of readings from the Letter to the Ephesians. Paul is in prison. He compares this with the armour the follower of Christ must put on ready to preach the Gospel in all circumstances and above he stresses the need to prayer.

In the Gospel, we hear of Jesus’ great sadness about Jerusalem. It is a city of which he is very proud, a city that lies at the heart of his tradition and history. Its people have closed their ears to his message and refuse to accept him.


Friday 28th October:                Feast of St. Simon and St. Jude.

          Very little is known about these two apostles. Simon was called the zealous apostle and, according to tradition, he preached in Egypt. Jude was also called Thaddeus and, again according to tradition, joined Simon when he came back from Egypt and both went to preach in Persia where they were martyred. His name is associated with one of the letters in the New Testament.


Saturday 29th October:           Saturday of 30th week of the year.

St. Paul declares very strongly that God has not rejected the Jews. They have defected and turned away from his love. However, as a result, the pagan world has benefited. One day the Jews will awake to what is happening and realise they are still loved by God despite all they had done.

Jesus reminds his listeners that they must know their true selves. The jostling for position and authority must stop. In the kingdom of God, human values are turned upside down.


The light of God

Surrounds us;

The love of God

Enfolds us;

The power of God

Protects us;

The presence of God

Protects us;

The presence of God

Watches over us;

Wherever we are,

God is,

And all is well.