Easter Season – 6th Sunday of Easter(c).

Sunday 5th May:                    6th Sunday of Easter(c).

The first reading today is from the Acts of the Apostles.  A big issue for the early Church was how much of the Law and traditions of Moses should be imposed on non-Jewish converts. This reading tells how the problem was solved. They need not submit to Jewish customs as long as they do not give unnecessary offence.

In the second reading, from the Book of Revelation, we are given another glimpse of the new Jerusalem, the heavenly Church of the future, when God’s Kingdom will come in all its glory.

The Gospel passage is from St. John’s Gospel.  We hear another section of Jesus’ farewell discourse at the Last Supper.  It is dominated by the thought of his imminent departure.   He promises that when we love and obey him we will experience the presence of the Father, the peace of the Son and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.


Monday 6th May:                   6th Monday of Easter.

In the two weeks from now until Pentecost, our attention is drawn to the Holy Spirit.

Paul, on his second missionary journey, reaches Macedonia and goes to a town called Philippi where he remains to preach and teach.

Jesus again tells the disciples that the ‘Advocate’ will be his witness.  They, in turn, will be his witnesses and this will bring its own share of suffering.


Tuesday 7th May:                   6th Tuesday of Easter.

Paul is again in trouble when he casts an evil spirit out of a fortune-teller.  He was arrested, beaten and imprisoned.

Jesus tells his disciples not be sad because he is going away.  He repeats his promise of sending the Advocate who will show the world about sin, about who was right and about judgement.

Wednesday 8th May:              6th Wednesday of Easter.

          Paul travels to the great city of Athens where he preaches to the Greeks.  He tries to show them that their statue to an unknown God was really one to the God about whom he was preaching.  As soon as he started preaching about the risen Christ, many of them laughed at him and refused to accept his teaching.

Jesus continues teaching the disciples about the work of the Advocate he is sending to them.  The Spirit of Truth will lead them to the complete truth.  He will help them understand more clearly the link between Jesus and the Father.


Thursday 9th May:                 Solemnity of the Ascension.

The Ascension of Jesus is the climax of his victory over sin and death.  It is a day of joy and hope.  Jesus wants us to share in his victory.  It is important to realise that he has not left us; he is still with us helping us in our struggles.


Friday 10th May:                    6th Friday of Easter.

Jesus was going to pass through his passion and death on the way to the joy of the resurrection.  The disciples would have to pass through the pain of separation from Jesus.  As a result, they become a little uncertain since they are aware how much it will be tested.

Similarly, the Church in our time is tried and tested daily, constantly renewing itself in the image of Christ.


Saturday 11th May:               6th Saturday of Easter.

When we pray, what do we want God to do?  Do we want to change Him so that he does what we want or do we seek his will for us?  Do we make time to listen to him in prayer?  Do we realise that as well as speaking to us in his word, in Christ, in the Gospel, he speaks to us in our personal history, the events of life, the people around us



Alleluia, alleluia

He is risen as he said