Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord (a)

This Week’s Liturgy Calendar.


Easter Season.


Sunday 20th April:                  Easter Sunday (a)

          Jesus our Lord is risenAlleluia!  The same Jesus, who was condemned to death, scourged, mocked and crowned with thorns; he who was jeered when he died on the cross is risen and is alive.  Since that day, God guarantees that his love is stronger than death.  He also reassures on this day: look to my risen Son; with Him, you are already rising from your pain and loneliness and wounds.  With my Son and His Church your task is to lift up people from their miseries, to revive hope, joy and happiness until that day when you will fully rise to the happiness that can never be dimmed or taken away from you.  May the joy of the Risen Christ light up your hearts and your lives.          

Monday 21st April:                 Easter Monday.

            For the Easter season, the first readings are taken from the Acts of the Apostles.  It is here we learn about the early days of the Church and the key characters, especially St. Peter.  Today he gives a very powerful sermon stressing that Jesus is no longer dead but is alive.  He has risen.

            In the Gospel passages this week, we hear of various appearances of the risen Christ.  The women meet Jesus and they, in turn, tell the rest of the disciples.

Tuesday 22nd April:                Easter Tuesday. 

          The people are moved by Peter’s sermon about the risen Christ and many repent of their sins and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

            Jesus meets Mary who is so full of sadness that she does not recognise him at first.  She too then spreads the word of his resurrection.

Wednesday 23rd April:           Easter Wednesday.

            The miracle of Peter and John at the Beautiful gate of the Temple is carried out in the name of Jesus of Nazareth – the one who has risen from the dead.

            The Gospel gives us the account of the meeting of the disciples with Jesus on the way to Emmaus.  They do not recognise him but he reveals himself to them through the breaking of bread and through the Scriptures.

Thursday 24th April:              Easter Thursday.

          Peter uses the miracle as an opportunity to preach about the crucified Christ who fulfilled the prophecies of the scriptures.  The listeners must repent and then God will bless them.

            After the Emmaus meeting, Jesus at last, appears to all the disciples.  He eats with them.  He explains the scriptures to them and commissions them as witnesses to his resurrection.  He promises to send the Holy Spirit.


Friday 25th April:                   Easter Friday.

          The Sadducees did not believe in the resurrection of the dead and so Peter’s preaching about Jesus being risen angers them.  Peter is arrested, along with John, but they use the opportunity to preach their message to the High Priests.

            Jesus visits Peter and some of the other disciples and helps them catch many fish.  They are still struggling to come to terms with all that has happened and so ask again ‘Who are you?’  

Saturday 26th April:               Easter Saturday.

          The High Priests are both impressed by Peter preaching and worried by it.  All they can do is ask them to stop preaching.

            St. Mark summarises all the appearance stories of the first visits of Jesus to his friends and his disciples after the Resurrection.