Ordinary Season of the Year. (c)

This Week’s Liturgy Calendar.


Ordinary Season of the Year.  (c)

Weekdays – Year 1



Sunday 26th May:         Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. (c)

The first reading today is from the Book of Proverbs. It is in praise of the wisdom of God and is part of the journey to deepening our understanding of the mystery of the Trinity.

The second reading is from the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans. He highlights that Jesus made it possible for us to have a relationship with God. This can give us hope and strength in time of suffering and difficulty.

In the Gospel, Jesus tells us everything the Father has is his and he promises the coming of the Spirit of Truth.

Monday 27th May:                 Monday in 8th week of the year.

          Through wisdom, we learn that God hates sin and unjust living.  Therefore, we must turn from these and repent for God encourages those who do so.

Jesus shows that the commandments are only the basic rules of good living.  He presents great ideals for us to follow as well.

Tuesday 28th May:                 Tuesday in 8th week of the year.

When we worship God, it is important that we bring the best that we have; our offering must also be sincere.  Worship and the commandments go hand in hand.  We cannot have one without the other.

Jesus reminds us that those who do try to follow the ideals he has taught and have left all to follow him will receive their reward.  It will be reward of eternal life.


Wednesday 29th May:                      Wednesday in 8th week of the year.

          Today we read about an intense prayer to God for mercy, for success in dealing with enemies and for compassion.  It is a prayer looking forward to the time when the country will again be filled with songs of praise for God.

Jesus reminds us that suffering is very much part of the lot of Christians just as it was the lot of Jesus himself.  Linked with this is the need for service, given with generosity.  Jesus came to serve, not to be served.  We should be the same.

Thursday 30th  May:    Thursday in 8th week of the year.

          This is another prayer of praise reminding us of how we can see the many varied works of the Lord. It is in fact impossible to describe them all but God knows them all and can even see into the depths of our hearts.

We are given another example of the great power of faith.  As a result of his faith, the blind man has his sight restored.

Friday 31st May: Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

This feast was first celebrated by the Franciscans in 1263 and extended to the universal church by Pope Urban VI in 1389.  It commemorates Our Lady’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth.  It is an occasion of a great outpouring of grace.  Elizabeth welcomes her cousin as the Mother of the Lord; the yet unborn John the Baptist leaps for joy in her womb; Our Lady sings her great canticles of thanksgiving for all the God has done in her and through her.

Saturday 1st June:        Memorial of St. Justin.

Justin was born in Palestine about the beginning of the second century.  He was born of pagan parents and took up philosophy as a profession.  His search for ultimate truth led him to the great Christian faith.  He settled in Rome and put himself at the service of the Church.  In one of his books, he left an invaluable description of the Mass as celebrated at Rome in the second century.  It also included a description of the ritual of Baptism.  He was martyred about 165 in the period of persecution by Marcus Aurelius.