26th Sunday of the Year (c)

Ordinary Season of the Year. (c)

Weekdays – Year 2


Sunday 25th September:          26th Sunday of the Year. (c)

The first reading today is again from the Prophet Amos who is sometimes referred to as the Prophet of Social Justice.. He gives a very stark and blunt warning to those who are complacent and who pamper themselves at the expense of others.

The second reading is from the first Letter of St. Paul to Timothy. It is a call to those who love God to be loving and generous.

The Gospel passage, from St. Luke, presents the parable of the rich man and the beggar. It is there to highlight and warn against indifference towards those who are in need.


Monday 26th September:      Monday in 26th week of the year.

All this week, the ordinary day readings come from the Book of Job. It itries to deal with the perennial problem of human suffering. Why does God allow a good person to suffer ? Today we hear a description of Job and his life and how his sufferings begin.

Another profound issue is raised in the Gospel passage. The disciples are arguing about who will be the greatest; who will be in charge. Jesus’ answer stuns them all.


Tuesday 27th September:       Memorial of St. Vincent de Paul.

Vincent was born in Gascogny in France in 1580. He was ordained a priest and eventually settled in Paris where he spent the rest of his life, looking after the poor. In 1633, he gathered a group of like-minded men around him, which would become the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians). Along with Louise de Marillac he founded the Daughters of Charity who engaged in works of charity and care among the poor also. They preached parish missions and worked in the seminaries. Vincent died in 1660. He is venerated as the patron of all charitable societies.  


Wednesday 28th September:   Wednesday in 26th week of the year..

Three of Job’s friends try to comfort him and sort his problems and his suffering. Because the thinking was that suffering was a result of sinning, they tell him to seek God’s forgiveness. Job feels this is still unfair since although he admits he is a sinner, his sufferings in his eyes far outweigh his sins.

People are wishing to become part of the group following Jesus. Jesus asks them if they are prepared to make the necessary commitment and sacrifice.


Thursday 29th September:      Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

Today is a feast celebrating the care God has for each one of us. Traditionally, we believe that angels are his messengers to us. Michael means ‘who is like God’ and is regarded as the guardian angel of the People of God; Gabriel means ‘God’s power. Raphael means ‘God’s healing.’


Friday 30th September:           Memorial of St. Jerome..

          St. Jerome was born in 342 and died in 420. He devoted his life to translating and explaining the Scriptures. One of his best known sayings is that ‘to be ignorant of the Scriptures is to be ignorant of Christ.’ His greatest work was the translation of the Scriptures into Latin.


Saturday 1st October:    Saturday of St. Teresa of the Child Jesus. .

Teresa was born in Alençon in France in 1873. She entered the convent in Lisieux when she was only fifteen years of age. From then until her death at the age of twenty-four she lived a very ordinary religious life. No miracles or great mystical experiences are recorded of her but in such a short space of time she attained a high degree of holiness, based on her faithfulness to her duties. She was always at the service of others. Her writings are full of great spiritual insights. She prayed especially for priests, the Church and the conversion of all people to Christ. Her way of living the Christian life is often referred to as ‘the little way.’ She is patron saint of the missions.




Send us out into our world

To help bear one another’s crosses

And to share one another’s joys

So that we may not simply admire your Son

For having born his cross, suffered and died for us,

But follow him on the road that leads to life and glory

We ask this

Through Christ our Lord.