2nd Sunday of Easter

Easter Season.

Sunday 7th April:                   2nd Sunday of Easter(c).

During the Easter season this year, the first reading is from the Acts of the Apostles and the second reading is from the Book of the Apocalypse or Revelation, the last book of the Bible.

Today’s excerpt from the Acts describes the courage of the first disciples who were bold enough to meet in the Temple precincts and carry on the healing work of Jesus.

In the reading from the Book of the Apocalypse, John introduces his vision, giving a message of encouragement to the early Christians who were suffering persecution.

The Gospel, from St. John, tells how Jesus appears on the evening of his resurrection and helps those who doubt to believe.  He brings the gift of peace.

Monday 8th April:                  2nd Monday of Easter.

Nicodemus, the sincere but cautious intellectual, comes to Jesus at night.  He is afraid to show openly that he is a follower of Christ. The apostles and the early Christian community are persecuted.  They also are afraid and pray for courage. Do we dare to stand up in our time and place and openly profess our faith by word and by example? Are we timid or bold in the living of our faith?

Tuesday 9th April:                  2nd Tuesday of Easter.

We know from disappointing experiences in our own lives how difficult it can be to be a real community.  We are different people, with different personalities, ideas attitudes and potential.  The great obstacle is ourselves.  We want people to go our way.  We impose our own views.  In our Christian communities, there is one who can unite us in himself.  It is Jesus, our model and Our Lord.  We believe that we come together here in his name and for his sake.  He is alive and present among us.  He brings us together in one faith and one love.  It is a lifelong task.  Can we really be one heart and one soul in him?

Wednesday 10th April:           2nd Wednesday of Easter.

God sent his only Son into the world to save us.  We might think we no longer need salvation.  We have become so self-sufficient and proud of our human achievements that we often think that salvation belongs to another world – not ours.  When we sit and really reflect we have to face deeper realities.  Are we really happy?  Have we made the world a better place in which to live?  We realise that we cannot do it alone.  So we become grateful for Jesus, God’s son, who is with us and who can still get us out of the mess we are often making.

Thursday 11th April:              2nd Thursday of Easter.

The core of our faith is that we owe a new life to Jesus in whom we are reborn. The Spirit, who is given to us without measure or restriction, should therefore prompt us to bear witness to Jesus and to his new life in us.

Friday 12th April:                            2nd Friday of Easter.

A sign worked by Jesus and told in much detail by all the evangelists is the multiplication of the bread.  In all the Gospels, it is a sign of Jesus’ sharing himself and more so a figure of Jesus continuing self-gift in the Eucharist.  It is Jesus’ total self-giving on the cross – the sacrifice of Calvary.  

Saturday 13th  April:             2nd Saturday of Easter.

The apostles were looking for disciples to serve the material needs of the people.  They are to be servants, filled with the Spirit of wisdom, who would see the needs and be just and fair in distributing the food and the help needed.  The apostles set Stephen and his companions aside for this work.

The reading also reminds us that the first duty of the Church is the proclamation of the Gospel, the Good News.  We are reminded that this Good News tells us that Jesus is always with his Church, in all time and in all places.


Alleluia, alleluia

He is risen as he said